Visualize your time,
and quite a bit more.

When does third period start?

How much time do we have left for study hall?

What’s for lunch today?

Hey, it’s raining. Don’t forget your umbrella.

Decount Multi-Platform

Created for students

Academic schedule and a lot more, 

on one site, across any platform. 

Students need to handle a great amount of information and tasks everyday: a new geometry postulate, a documentary for history, an upcoming varsity game, a weekly club meeting, an essay due tomorrow. How can we help students become more organized, and hence, save time? Decount is to answer this question with the goal of gathering information that you need and sharing them on one platform. 

Special schedule? Not a problem.

Most schools use multiple schedules to fit a variety of activities and meetings. Decount can handle even the most complicated schedules, including those for special events and school holidays. The best part? Special schedules reflect automatically, so you can stay assured that the schedule is see is the correct schedule.

Quick Glance Widgets

Cafeteria menu, weather, upcoming holiday, and a cloud-based to-do list are all in one glance. Quick glance widgets change to show you what you need.

Wherever, Whenever.

Decount works on any device, whether that be your laptop, tablet, or phone. When you don’t have your computer out, check Decount with your phone on the go. All your beloved features are within reach, with nothing left out.

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